Photo Credit:  Winnie Bruce Photography

I am a natural light portrait photographer serving the Yuba-Sutter area in Northern California. I am always up for travel, just contact me for rates! My editing style varies slightly from session to session, but my style is very laid back portrait work that occasionally leans towards lifestyle photography.

A few fun facts about me:

- I am OBSESSED with purses and camera bags! I have a serious love for Lucky Brand Handbags and Kelly Moore Bags. I have 5 Kelly Moore Camera Bags and I love them all!

- I love decorating, organizing and reorganizing my home. Please note that I did not mention cleaning once-lol.

- I spend way too much time on IMDB. I can tell you just about any actor's height. I know, I'm a strange duck ;)

- I absolutely LOVE comedies. I have so many favorites, but The Jerk is at the top of that list. It never gets old!

- I love candles! Right now, I am burning a cotton candy scented one-yum.

- I do NOT like milk chocolate-at all. Bring on the dark chocolate!

- I live, I mean shop, at Target and Costco, exclusively.

- I kept my Christmas tree up, and fully decorated until March 15th of this year.

- Most importantly, I'm a wife to the most amazing and most handsome guy in the world. He supports me in all I do and is the reason I am where I am today. We will celebrate 16 years of marriage this year. We have two boys (11 & 14) and they just rock! I adore my family.

Now you know a few little somethings about me :)

I look forward to meeting you and capturing a special moment in time with you and your family.